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Immersion Training 2.0 is done!  Would you like to host the next one?

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Immersion Training is done in partnership with trusted affiliates and subject matter experts.  Attendees are exposed to many perspectives and experiences with a low instructor to attendee ratio.

Do you know what to do in an audit by the OFCCP?

Would you like to sit one on one with several experts to walk through a mock audit for a fraction of the cost?

Would you like to ask all the questions you have about OFCCP in a small and encouraging environment?

Then we'll see you at training!!

Immersion Training in Affirmative Action Compliance is an interactive "simulation" training experience based on the premise that everyone attending is part of the same organization and we have just been notified of an OFCCP Compliance Review.

This is a special opportunity to collaborate with peers, colleagues and SMEs (subject matter experts) and to explore how your organization can comply with OFCCP requirements AND advance toward full inclusion by:

-Ensuring affirmative action compliance through effective plan development and communication
-Increasing efficiency, effectiveness and cross collaboration
-Aligning compliance goals in support of larger business objectives
-Experiencing a fresh, interactive approach to training on Affirmative Action Compliance Administration