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Lisa Kaiser is  a nationally recognized professional in all matters relating to the laws and regulations of enforcement by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).  Lisa is the former Director of Operations for the OFCCP’s  Southwest and Rocky Mountain Region where she was responsible for directing the enforcement effort of the District Offices in the eleven-state region.  Lisa also held positions of Dallas OFCCP District Office Director and San Antonio OFCCP Assistant District Director.  During her time within the OFCCP, Lisa was selected to lead a national initiative to revise the OFCCP audit practices.  In addition to this experience, Lisa served on active duty for the U.S. Army as a Judge Advocate litigating cases in the U.S., Germany, Middle East and Korea.

 Lisa provides a full range of services including auditing, affirmative action program development and implementation, reviewing, and training.  Lisa relies on her experience of personally conducting audits for the OFCCP to successfully assist our clients who are facing audits or potential audits.  With Lisa’s inside knowledge of the agency, our clients are able to overcome deficiencies in their processes and understand all aspects of compliance with this aggressive agency.

With her engaging style, Lisa is able to offer dynamic and effective training in the area of OFCCP compliance.  In her mock audit and training workshops, Lisa suggests best practices for the individual client based on their specific needs and realistic parameters in an interactive style that creates the perfect environment for managers and human resource professionals to understand critical compliance requirements. Lisa is frequently complimented in her ability to break down complex requirements to all levels of understanding.  Lisa frequently partners with other consultants to tackle today’s complex problems with unique and cost-effective solutions.