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Cooperation saves clients money.  That's why the Kaiser Law Group, PLLC has teamed up with Parrish Business Services, LLC to expand services and increase efficiency.


Parrish Business Services, LLC Teams Up with The Kaiser Law Group, PLLC

Two nationally-recognized small business owners have teamed up to offer prime services to federal contractors.

DALLAS, TX- November 1, 2018 – Parrish Business Service, LLC, an acclaimed small business management and business diversity consulting firm, has entered into a teaming agreement with The Kaiser Law Group, PLLC, a Dallas/Fort Worth-area business with expertise in all matters relating to the laws and regulations of enforcement by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).
The teaming agreement was formed with a mutual goal of aiding federal contractors through the utilization of the array of services that both companies provide. Offerings include compliance assistance for federal contractors and the support of proper contractor education and training. The agreement aims to enable proactive compliance with OFCCP's regulations and minimize, to the most feasible extent, the cost of compliance by contractors.

 Of the teaming, Pat Parrish, Founder and Managing Director of Parrish Business Services, LLC, says, “This opportunity came to fruition because of a shared interest in helping federal contractors in our area. We could not be more thrilled to be teaming up with such a reputable and passionate team.”
Lisa Kaiser, the founder of The Kaiser Law Group, PLLC, echoes Parrish’s sentiments, sharing that she “cannot wait to see the impact that this teaming has across the Dallas and Fort Worth communities.” Both business owners share a primary goal of helping area businesses perform successfully, save money, and embrace diversity, which has created a strong basis for this partnership.

About Parrish Business Services, LLC:

Parrish Business Services, LLC was established in 2014 with the mission of supporting individuals, organizations, and government agencies in maintaining a culture of diversity while enriching the fiscal viability of the entities the company serves and the well-being of the individuals the company supports. Areas of expertise include coaching, mentoring, and consulting in a variety of areas, namely business strategy, execution, and process improvement, project management, identifying and encouraging leadership skills, recruiting and developing talent, affirmative action planning, implementation, development, and compliance, as well as survey research, human resources support, and community engagement.